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Electric Starter fitted to 1948 Royal Enfield Model J2 500cc

Electric Starter fitted to 1948 Royal Enfield Model J2 500cc

A Honda Civic starter motor (Suba bendix type) was found to be ideal to fit in between the engine and gearbox, though the top of the gearbox is moved back half inch from the original maximum adjustment position and fixed there. Upper and lower engine plates, starter motor fixing plates fabricated from 3mm mild steel plate.

A 71 tooth ring gear is water jet cut from 8mm steel plate, machined to match spigot machining on the back of the clutch centre.

Three 3/8in. c/s screws attach the ring gear to clutch centre.

The gear box is now fixed in position. (No more moving the gearbox to adjust the primary chain)

A primary chain adjusting slipper is fitted. (As per Bullet)

The inner chain case requires several mods. Foot peg hex bar hole in is blanked off. New hole cut for starter bendix. All case mounting brackets removed, new brackets fabricated. Fitment of new oil seal to inner chain case for gear box main shaft

Primary drive chain requires one extra link.
Convert clutch from 3 to 6n springs.
Clutch is spaced out 3mm from original position.
Engine sprocket is modified to line up with clutch drum sprocket.
Outer chain case cover is re positioned accordingly for clearance.
Rear chain – 1 link removed.
Teflon chain guides fitted to look after rear chain.
Fabrication of new foot pegs and fixed to lower frame central stud.
New battery carrier fabricated to suit a 12 volt battery.
Fit up starter button with relay.

Design/build – Lew Martin New Plymouth

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